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About Us

Dog giving a high five

Our Story

         Arcadian Canine was founded upon the idea that dogs are far more capable than the average dog owner realizes. They are highly intelligent and versatile animals with each breed bringing to the table a completely unique set of skills and attributes. This may be common knowledge, but it's easy to forget this animal’s magnificence when they are jumping on people, not responding to commands or digging up your garden. The key that unlocks the magic behind the canine is communication and lack of proper communication is the problem we see time and time again.

        Our mission is to educate dog owners on how to properly communicate with their dogs and through this process show them the true capacity that lies behind those cute puppy dog eyes. The feeling of a strong bond and a solid understanding between you and your dog is a feeling unlike any friendship or team you have been a part of. It is truly magical and we would love to share that magic with you.

Meet The Team


Canine Behavior Specialist

          Taylor developed a strong passion for dogs at a very early age. His mother was a vet tech at a pet emergency center, dog groomer and participated in dog shows in her free time. She helped build his passion into something much more, a purpose. In 2020 Taylor moved to Hutto, Texas to attend Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers and graduated as a Canine Behavior Specialist. He worked briefly in Sacramento as a professional dog trainer before deciding to pursue his dream of training dogs in Seattle. In 2021 Taylor started Arcadian Canine.

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